Due to the current overall situation and in order to protect the safety of employees and business partners as well as to maintain operational activities, the Frigo-Trans management has decided to extend the already implemented protective measures as follows with immediate effect:

All employees

  • In case of direct external contacts (visitors, suppliers, service providers, etc.) it is obligatory to wear a face mask and to observe the already known hygiene measures.
  • All in-house appointments with external participation as well as all external appointments must be cancelled until further notice.

 Dispatching Department

 All Frigo-Trans drivers (including subcontractor drivers) are obliged to put on and wear a face mask before entering the registration area of the disposition. It is then also mandatory to use hand disinfection.

  •  All employees are obliged to wear a face mask during personal communication with drivers/ subcontractor drivers.
  •  We temporarily do not grant access to third-party drivers. They will only be processed by the dispatchers via a registration window in the dispatching department. Wearing a face mask before making contact is obligatory! A notice sign is displayed.

 Warehouse area

  •  Suppliers and collectors of goods in stock must also use the registration window of the Dispatching Department. They are also obliged to wear a face mask.
  • Suppliers and collectors are no longer permitted to enter the warehouse office; papers are to be received or handed over directly at the registration window in the dispatching department.
  • All warehouse employees who get in direct contact with the suppliers are obliged to wear a face mask during communication.

 Vehicle fleet management/Technical service

  •  All employees who have direct contact with drivers and/or third-party drivers, service providers and other visitors on the company premises and/or in the technical service area are obliged to wear a face mask during direct contact.

Drivers’ social rooms

  • Until further notice, drivers are required to keep contact between themselves in the drivers’ social rooms to a minimum.
  • Meetings/group stays in the drivers’ social rooms are to be avoided.

Reception area of the administration building

  • Visitors, service providers and delivery services (e.g. post office, DHL, UPS etc.) are temporarily no longer permitted to enter the reception office. All requests will be dealt with by the reception staff in the foyer.
  • Service providers working in the building are advised by the reception staff/facility management that they are obliged to wear a face mask (in case of direct contact with employees) and to observe the hand disinfection guidelines.


These measures help us to maintain business operations and international trade as far as currently permitted and possible within these special times.

In case of any further question at this moment, please do not hesitate to contact us.